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Surprising facts about your car and your insurance


Did you know that our country ranks third in cars with the highest mileage in the world, with 22,381 km. traveled per year, Peru is located slightly behind India, in second place with 23,927 km. per vehicle, and from Chile, with a total of 28,908 kilometers on average per year.

With so many cars it is not surprising that thefts and robberies are frequent. Recently, the Head of Diprove explained that there are certain brands and models that friends of others apparently prefer, these are: Toyota Corolla, Chevrolet minivan M-300, Nissan Sentra, Kia Rio and the Toyota Hilux truck ”

Another thing that unfortunately is more than frequent are accidents or claims, Sutran statistics this year reveal that there were 1,674 road accidents, this figure means an increase of 18.05% compared to the same period in 2020.

And speaking of accidents, did you know that if we collide with a family member’s vehicle, insurers may consider it fraud, and therefore coverage for material damage to third parties is not guaranteed in the event of being a third-level relative or spouse.

You already knew these data, which one did you find most surprising?

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